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Scène Chapiteau

In the eye of Guitare en Scène

A final tour, full of softness, intimacy and elegance, an ultimate live date to have a last good look at a sixty-year-career as fruitful as active, a too short though intense overview of a long-living repertoire in our collective memories, from «Here’s to you» to «Farewell Angelina» and «Diamonds and Rust», so many reasons to take a bow before Madame Joan Baez : a hudge artist and a woman of exception.



Words as protesting fits hold up above our heads, raised against injustice, racism, bulliness, cowardness, melodies as means of resistance, of fighting again and again against oppression, against the unspeakable, songs as symbols of total freedom, freedom of saying we don't agree, we are not indifferent. For almost six decades, Joan Baez has used folk music as an ultimate pacific weapon to lead all her fights. Since her first eponymous album released in 1960 to the last one «Whistle down the wind» in 2018, she has always been, throughout time, the perfect incarnation of who a militant artist is supposed to be, supporting civil rights and denouncing war at the same time, campaigning for freedom and ecology, denouncing any form of discrimination meanwhile writing wonderful hymns for love, letting her songs become soundtracks for our lives entwined in the turmoils of a society in constant evolution.
As her «Fare Thee Well» tour announces the end of her artistic carrier, Joan Baez is back for a last show to sing with us all those songs she has given life and soul to, from «Farewell Angelina» to «Diamonds and Rust» and «Here’s to you», or else the words once sung by Antony and the Johnsons, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Woody Guthrie, mentionning only these ones in a non-exhaustive list that would be too long to hold, all those tracks that have left a permanent print on music history. Though a sacred flame still shines in her eyes and no regret upon passing time seems to have a hold on her, this tour is really the last ride for this folk music icon. It would then be really a shame not to attend her exceptionnal performance at Guitare en Scène and not let her, for one last time, enchant our ears with the classics that have built, for the past sixty years, the legend of Joan Baez.
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