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58 SHOTS - Gagnant du Tremplin 2018

What challenges for the competitors ?

Great visibility is offered to the finalists and the winner! The band contests gives the oppotunity for the finalists to open the festival’s night ! During the finals of the last editions, it was necessary to make decisions and to announce a "winner". However the 3 bands would have "deserved to win" and would have especially deserved to be seen and heard by a larger audience. So we made the decision to put the finalist bands "under the spotlights", allowing them to play directly in the festival’s conditions, just as national and international bands and in front of a much wider audience.

The 3 finalist bands will play at the beginning of the evenings of the Festival Guitare en Scène with one finalist group per night. We hope to give them the opportunity to have unique sensations, incredible emotions playing in front of an informed and expert audience and thus give them the visibility they deserve ...

285 application studied by a listening committee that will retain 12 groups to participate in the selections in various partner venues :
the Hard Rock Café (Lyon), the Chat Noir (Geneva), the Bouffon de la Taverne (Geneva) and La Coupole (Chamonix)!
The toad elevating moment
The toad elevating moment - Gagnant du Tremplin 2022

What challenges for the winner ?

A chance to make their music shine, and a prize!
The jury’s deliberation to select the winner will be held at the end of the last concert, on the last day of the festival. But beyond the chance to play in real conditions on the festival, the winningband will receive a prize of 1000 €. They will also benefit from an exposure on various communication media (Website, Facebook, posters etc ...)
And who knows ... Maybe they will meet people who could make dreams come true or create new opportunities ...

58 SHOTS & STING dans les loges


En 2018, 58 SHOTS remporte le tremplin ! Il nous ont émerveillé ! L'occasion aussi de croiser dans les loges la route des plus grands. Et jouer avant des artistes de cette renommée, c'est toujours bon pour le CV. 58 shots a d'ailleurs été programmé à Guitare en Scène en 2022 en ouverture de Deep Purple

Le concours s’adresse à tous !

Ce concours est ouvert à tous les groupes amateurs ou professionnels et à tous les styles de musique, tant que "Dame Guitare" prend la parole !

Nous n'avons pas de préférence de "style" ou de "genre", le plus important... Il faut que ça sonne !!! Alors... qu'attendez-vous pour essayer ?

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To follow the band contest, check the infos on our website, on Guitare en Scène’s Facebook page or on the « Tremplin GES ‘» Facebook page :
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