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Did you say “guitar”?

In responding positively to a festival –which is by now an internationally renounded stage- proposal, the college “la Présentation de Marie”was able to share with his 150 grade-9 students a year centered on guitar. Within the framework of the national education’s programs, the students discovered the musical instrument and his evolution then explore it thanks to the Garage-Band app and a little initiation on true instruments.

The students discover blues
with Jack Bon...

Once the instrument apprehended, they get on the road to discover blues from its begins to its progressive electrification !.. After a few week long work in class, the 150 students were thanks to a festival’s invitation given at a pedagogic concert by the charismatic french bluesman Jack Bon who told them the history of blues and played with the students the famous “Sweet Home Chicago”from Robert Johnson.

Discovering the
“Miracle Guitare en Scène”...

It was impossible by mentioning the guitar electrification not to mention Jimi Hendrix and his contributions to this instrument and his rang of sound... And who said Hendrix said also Woodstock one of the first great festival... The festival team has intervened to speak about the organization of the event and to answered the student’s questions about the budget, the benevols, the band, some anectodes, pub, environnement, etc... The organizers has mentioned sonorisation rules and the hearing protection which is very important... The students has discovered other games modes in class like flamenco with the great Paco de Lucia

Eleves/Collèges PM

In backstage and ... at the concert ...

Throughout the previousfestivals, last july, 10 of our students had the chance to visit the site of the festival. The dressing rooms, the circus tents, the bars, the VIP area, the backstages... The students had the chance to discover the behind the scenes, to discuss with the organizers, sound engineers and to see the band Yes settled and start the “balances”. After the visit, our 10 students had been invited to an evening at the festival !!! How lucky ! For some of them, it was their first concert !

Merci à la Présentation de Marie de permettre aux élèves de découvrir des projets différents et engagés. De permettre aux élèves de découvrir d'autres réalités et de sortir des murs de l'école. Merci à Elisabeth CHYPRE de porter ce projet avec autant de passion et d'enthousiasme. C'est un plaisir renouvelé tous les ans de vivre ces moments avec cette école, avec ses élèves et Elisabeth... Et merci aux élèves d'écouter les "vieux" passionnés avec autant d'attention !
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