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Guitare en scène is like nowhere else. What makes Guitare en scène stands out from other great french musical events is the will of those who organize it to put in the foreground the basics of music.It is the success of gathering talent, passion, enjoyment and share in one and a same place. Followed by his partners, volunteers and public, this festival becomes an international reference. The public is loyal, volunteers and partners are determined and passionated, and the artists can definitely feel it. All of the above helps creating a positive spirit that artists appreciate, and gives them the will to go all the way, to enjoy, and to share like never before.

L'espace partnaire du festival


Join the partners club ! GES is, by more than 80%, financed by private funds. To allow this festival to keep this level of quality and this pioneer spirit that makes of it a festival that loved by experts and music lovers, support from private partners is essential. In order to support the festival, become a member of the « Partners Club » and help us write the following of this amazing story !

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60% of the financement come from private funds which allow the festival to keep its level of expectations.
L'espace partnaire du festival


A way to keep privileged connections with our sponsors. By creating this Club, we wish to keep our very first partners. They trusted us when we began from a blank page to create this event. They must have been a brave sponsor to support a festival that ambitious, standing apart from what is in place. The greatest testimony of their trust is their longevity. The great majority of our partners are those who were here first. They had faith in this incredible human and cultural adventure by supporting those who organized the festival and by agreeing to this challenge by their side. Throughout the years, our passion became theirs, allowing the event to fly the nest, to shine beyond our borders and to make of it a new and international reference.
The « Partners Club » allow to keep the connections that already exist, while allowing new partners to be able to join the adventure in the best conditions..
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Un espace dédié aux partenaires du Festival


Being a partner is being an essential agent to this event.
By contributing finantially (in the form of sponsoring), you help the festival to keep his much appreciated human-size for those keen on music. This unique size helps being close to the artists, to live unique moments in a carefree and lightful atmosphere and to enjoy fully MUSIC. Without the support of our partners, selling tickets wouldn't be enought to gather all those amazing artists all at the same time. Being a partner of Guitare en Scène us being passionate, the same way that the organizers and volunteers do. It's giving « without expecting anything in return » to keep the same goal : to share a unique moment in rare conditions. Without the help of the Partners (sponsors, generous suppliers or patrons), the price of the tickets would be « unreachable » for the audience/public (with a limited mesure to 5500 charged tickets and a programm so rich).

Partenaires Guitare en scène
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