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GUITARE EN SCÈNE2019 - 13th edition !

Scène Chapiteau

C'est où ?

A Saint-Julien-en-Genevois ! C'est où Saint-Julien bordel ?!!!

Tu ne connais pas ? C'est une ville de 13 000 habitants...

C'est ici :


Située à la frontière avec la Suisse, à 20 minutes de Genève.

Pourquoi là-bas ? Pourquoi pas !

On fait bien ce que l'on veut d'abord ! Les Haut-Savoyards voulait voir les plus grands artistes de la planète, sans avoir à bouger de chez eux... Bah oui, la Haute-Savoie c'est quand même le plus beau pays du monde, alors...

5 500 people The Festival organization wanted a maximum audience of 5 500 people so that the audience and the artists can communicate in better conditions.
Scène Village

why Guitare en Scène ?

It all started with a group of friends, passionate for music & guitar gathered. From this Friendship spirit and this passion, was born the Festival as we know it.

To make the instrument, with which we like to spend time of happiness & joy, known in a better way !

We are delighted to gather in the same place, people from cultural and musical horizons, aiming for the same passion, the same love, that of good music, friendship and especially on a human scale !

That’s the reason why this festival is something else, with its unique size !


Can we talk of a GeS spirit ?

Three main axis rule when we have to make a decision :

The first purpose is to offer great musical quality given by the greatest guitar players & bands, in a context of extraordinary comfort and proximity you won’t see everywhere else !
The second idea is to give a chance to local (or young) bands to perform live on our Village stage, allowing them to meet great professionals with whom they could talk and share experiences.
Our third goal is to guest some artists you can’t often see performing live in France or even some artists we discovered and let the GeS audience see them during concerts which will remain a wonderful memory. The artists prove their attachment to us by offering us surprises, such as jams with each other, special projects or even asking to add GeS on their Tour schedules. Each & every time they come to see us, binds are growing stronger and they give us emotions you won’t find everywhere else. For all these reasons, Guitare en Scene is the most tiny festival among the bigger ones !

Live a unique experience

250 bands & artists both international & locals and guitar players of great international fame coming from various musical horizons, have already performed here on the GeS Festival !

A clean festival

We are a clean festival, concerned by the environment and a good management of the waste.

GeS focuses on respecting the environment, thanks to the sorting of the garbage, the use of refundable plastic glasses and free buses that drive you to the Festival or even inviting you to carpool to go to the Festival.

Your commitment will also be important to achieve our goal to leave a clean & neat place. Think of sorting your garbage !

Thank you to our boy/girls scouts who do every year a great job and thank you to our festival-goers who use the bins and ashtrays we provide them, that enables everyone to enjoy our nice and clean venue.

« This festival is not a huge one, it is designed for music and being together & enjoying Life ! » Beth Hart
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