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Les éditions précédentes

Un grand bravo à tous les artistes de talent qui postulent chaque année au Tremplin Guitare en Scène! Nous sommes fiers de voir parmi vous des groupes qui n’hésitent pas à repostuler d’une édition à l’autre. Nous vous écoutons avec passion et avons bien souvent du mal à choisir. Alors un conseil, persévérez!

Thanks to the level of the last finals bands of the Guitare en Scène band contest (some examples: Flayed, Poppy Street, Samia Tawil, 58 Shots, Blanker Republic, Jack's sound, La Bestiole, Steve Amber ... (non exhaustive list) ... The organisation committee made the decision to include the band contest in the festival, which means that the 3 finalist bands will play at the beginning of the evening of the 2018 edition of the Guitare en Scène festival, with one finalist band per evening and a jury deliberation at the end of the last concert on the last day. There is no more "special" evening for the band contest, it is completely integrated into the festival.
During the last editions finals, it was necessary to "choose" and announce a "winner" while the 3 bands would have "deserved to win", and especially deserved to be seen and heard by more audience. With this in mind, we made the decision to put the finalist bands "under the spotlights", allowing them to play directly in the conditions of the festival, just as national and international bands, and in front of a much wider audience (the festival has a gauge of 5500/6000 people). We hope to give them the opportunity to have unique sensations, incredible emotions and to play in front of an informed and expert audience, and give them the visibility they deserve ... And who knows ... Maybe they will meet people that could allow them to realize dreams or create new opportunities ...
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