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Several ways to pay


In the merchants stores, the Artists Merchandising and the Wine (& Champagne) Bar

Cash & credit cards (NFC as well) are accepted by the merchants, by the Merchandising store, by the Wine (& Champagne) Bar and also by the Special Place dedicated for our Sponsors

In the 3 bars of the festival

In the 3 bars of the festival (Village, Chapiteau or stadium) & the Mojito Bar, you can pay :
1/ with your Credit Card (NFC accepted).
2/ with « tickets for drinks »
5 different « tickets for drinks » avaliable : Standard Beer, Larger Size Beer or Mojito, soft drinks, water, tickets for the plastic glasses (list of the drinks prices available in the venue) .
You can buy those tickets in the 3 « Bar Cashdesks » located near the bars (In the Village one for the Mojito Bar)
Cash & Credit cards are accepted there
Those tickets are only valid during the 4 days of the Festival and they won’t be taken back, or refund or swapped

SWISS Francs (CHF)

A place for changing your swiss money is located near the Village Cashdesk. Several merchants (GeS bars excluded) may also accept Swiss Francs as a payment.

Tickets from the previous years

The Tickets « Festival Cash » from the previous years are no longer accepted.
We allowed the 2018 festival-goers to pay with their tickets from the previous years but we won’t do it this year anymore !

Refundable plastic glasses

To Respect the environment and in order to reduce the garbage, the Festival organization provides plastic cups that you can use and re-use and can also be refunded. At the end of each night, every refundable Cup can be either given to the Kiwanis association “Serve the Children of the World” (with 1€ given for each cup, the amount of 2 550€ have been given in 2017), or kept as a souvenir or given back and refunded every night from 10:30 PM in one of the 3 Cashdesks or on the way outwhere the Baggage room is.

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