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OBLIVION 2018 - Selectionné


L'oeil de Guitare en scène

Le comité d'écoute a sélectionné OBLIVION parmi plus de 220 dossiers. Le groupe se produira au Bouffon de la Taverne à Genève le samedi 14 avril, lors de l'une des 4 sessions des sélections du Tremplin 2018 (3 groupes par session). A l'issue des 4 sessions (la dernière aura lieu le 28 avril à La Coupole de Chamonix) le jury aura la lourde tache de délibérer et de retenir les 3 groupes finalistes. Ces 3 groupes se produiront directement sur le festival en ouverture de soirée, avant les BRMC, Les LUMINANAS, ZUCCHERO, STING... Nous les accueillerons comme les artistes nationaux et internationaux. Le jury devra désigner un gagnant parmi les 3 finalistes, mais pour nous, en se produisant sur le festival, ils ont tous gagné un peu.
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ÖBLIVÏON is representing by the "Dream Team" of Heavy Metal’s musicians in France ! Be ready for a Tsunami in the European power metal scene...The new sensation with an anticipated and promising debut album named "RESILIENCE" coming worldwide. Jo Amore, David Amore with Steff Rabilloud (3 former members of Nightmare) were joined by Markus Fortunato, bassist 6-string soloist from metal-neoclassical (Fortunato, ex-MZ) and the shredder Flo Lagoutte -a new guitar hero- coming from the metal extrem scene (Forsaken World). Due to its original and timeless compositions, the quintet is proud to raise the flag of the melodic metal through solid, lyrical, powerful and excellent melodic songs, presenting by twin-guitars, hooks, unrestrained, speedy pace, with symphonic, progressive elements and great lyrics. When Classical Hard Rock meets a mix of modern sounding metal production. On this first opus, the amazing voice of Jo Amore, (Now Or Never, ex former member of Nightmare) has never been so crystalline and raging, magnified by the most charming melodies than he has never sung before, with a lyricism as its top.
will blow the minds of lovers of Melodic Modern Power Metal. Produced by the "Magician" Pat Liotard at Peek Studio in South of France (Now Or Never, Nightmare, etc...). These 10 incredibles songs should become classical for all melodic metal lovers as "In The Arms Of The Queen", "Bells Of Babylon", "Dreamers Believers", "Shine In My Galaxy", "I Thought I Was A King", "Evil Spell", "Honor And Glory", "Punished By The Crowd", "Facing The Enemies", "The Race is On".
ÖBLIVÏON is the forcefullness of a Power Metal raced and bloody as hell.
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