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Scène Village

In the eye of Guitare en Scène

How to make the most delicious blues gumbo is very simple : all it takes is to set on the same stage a gravelly voice boogie booming texas guy, Neal Black, and a french bluesman who can play his guitar mixing soul and funk sounds, Fred Chapellier, and let the magic work... The result is always the same, a delight for ears and eyes to be savoured with no restraint.



Guitars cracking against some heated wind to ignite incandescent smocky figures, cords stroked until the last breath, troubling warm voices that smells like runaways and lost illusions, cross-bred melodies that stir deeply buried emotions, either sang in english or in french, blues is always the music of a merciless world, of battered lives and disenchanted roads.
Whether wandering on southern US highways or on small french country roads, those cathartic melodies full of heart-breacking notes move our guts the same way, no matter the slow quiet pace or the fiery fast one. It sometimes even occurs that two different universes, two artists, two sensitivities, gather, sharing their worlds of creation, for a brief moment of time or a long-lasting relationship, around thrilling electric riffs. That's how, as clear as an evidence, texan Neal Black and french Fred Chapellier have crossed their paths and murged their musical universes to give birth to the most enthusiastic blues-rock experience of the last few years. A gravelly voice on a high voltage texan boogie for the first one, spontaneousness and funk soul melodies for the second, their encounter is the promise of unique sensations, furious guitar duels on the edge, great extended breakaways carried by a hot raucous breath. When two magicians such as Neal Black and Fred Chapellier unite their strength to cook an explosive blues gumbo, there's only one thing to do : sit at Guitare en Scène great table and open wide ears and eyes to enjoy greedily !
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