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Scène Chapiteau

In the eye of Guitare en Scène

The most iconic australian activist rock band, herald through their music and words, since the eighties, of the ecological cause with a strong emergency urge, is back on french soil to sing soundly their call upon our conscience and knock down the walls of indifference.



While our planet is burning, most people turn their gaze the other way, favouring ignorance comfort and inactive tranquility. Others, endlessly, become the organ of a world suffering from human selfishness, of a nature overlooked as a variable of adjustment. For thirty years now, the Australians from Midnight Oil have thus been the heralds of this so essential ecological cause. Thanks to rock hymns and activist lyrics, the band led by his charismatic – and quite impressive – singer Peter Garrett shakes up consciences throughout the world, forcing everyone to wonder about his impact on the planet.
Carried by their world known hits such as "The Dead Heart”, “Dreamworld” and “Put Down That Weapon” all released in 1987 in their "Diesel and Dust" album, or else “Blue Sky Mine” and “Power & The Passion” released a few years later and still very much anchored in a cruel actuality, Midnight Oil has become one of the best examples of that conscious rock that never favours form over content. And if, after thirteen albums and fifteen years of activism, the band split, for Peter Garett wanted to devote himself to politics and finally became environment minister in Australia, their message and songs stayed printed in collective memories, resonating decade after decade on radio airs. Re-formed in the years 2010 for charity concerts, Midnight Oil rediscovered the pleasure of being on stage, this unravelled moment of energy and sharing, their struggles more vital and actual than ever.
After a "Great Circle" tour in 2017 to reconnect with the challenges of world touring, the quintet is in the starting blocks for new dates, new venues, and new matters to point and sing loudly to knock down the walls of indifference. We then are very lucky to welcome those fighting for a better world knights in shiny armours in the cosy shelter of Guitare en Scène !
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