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Scène Village

In the eye of Guitare en Scène

Straight out from Glasgow haze, King King red devils are the kind that, sonic weapons in head, endlessly seek and conquer new hearts, marching through continents to deliver their powerful blues rock message, totally merciless and highly addictive. Watch out : King King steamroller is on his way and there will be no prisonner !



With no previous warning, sometimes a red devil jack pops out of its box to come and tickle our senses, shake up our habits and lead us by the hand on a surprisingly agreeable path. Straight out from Glasgow haze 10 years ago, King King, quartet led by a peculiar looking Alan Nimmo when you're not native from Scotland, is that kind of band that comes to visit other countries once in a while to enlist new adepts. Their weapons ? Nothing but very classic yet very efficient ones : a powerful blues rock, gorged with a soul feeling and sprinkled with funky and rhythm'n'blues beats to make heads move, a velvety voice that reminds us delicately of Paul Rodgers's (Bad Company), full with a contented rage about to be unleashed on our frail shoulders, tracks that go straight to the goal, trouble and shake us up to finally blow us up with a so full of energy electrical groove. The recepie cooked by King King album after album, the most recent "Exile and Grace", is one of those that makes our feet tap, our hands clap and leaves an exquisite taste in our mouth and ears. No wonder then that the band, after being inducted member of the «British Blues Awards Hall of Fame», has decided to go and conquer hearts and souls all over the world and confirm its rank among the best blues rock bands ever. No surprise either that Guitare en Scène made a pact with those scottish devils for them to come with their catchy hymns and blues undodgeable ballads and torch Saint-Julien-en-Genevois audience alive.
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