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Scène Chapiteau

In the eye of Guitare en Scène

7 guitar notes that echo endlessly, propelling their authors in Rock History and their impressive "Smoke on the Water" on top of the Rock Classics. Almost fifty years later, Deep Purple is on the verge of stepping down but wouldn't miss to pay a last visit to Guitare en Scène musical temple.



A few emerging notes from an acrid smoke lingering on Leman Lake, ultimate twist of an horrific night, just seven notes, destined to become mythical, seven heady guitar riffs against a heavy bass guitar, husky keyboards against a roaring voice, a timeless witness of a story written with fire letters on Rock Hall of Fame walls.

Five decades separate their psychedelic blues debut and their last tour that sounds like a swan song, a last sublime farewell embrace that nobody wants to break, and yet, the five major world hard rock members, Ian Gillan (singer), Roger Glover (bass), Ian Paice (drums), Steve Morse (guitar) et Don Airey (keyboards) don't seem to be on the verge of stepping down, walking the world stages over and over again to play all those songs that have built, little by little, the Legend of Rock, still composing and recording new albums – the last released, « Infinity », in 2017 ! - in which still sounds loudly those furious primitive rhythms, this boiling rock overloaded with raw energy and electricity to heat red hot bodies and minds.

Early 1968, while throwing the basis of this heavy metal that will make heads bang for the next decades – and keeps on until now – the little english band couldn't imagine that this deep purple color with its multiple influences and its not equally successful classical blues funk experimentations, would sell more than 130 millions albums, would release a live album, «Made in Japan», which would become an absolute reference, and two studio albums totally unmissable : - «In Rock» with its unforgettable artwork mischievously misrepresenting mythical Mont Rushmore, and «Machine Head» including jewels such as famous «Highway Star» - and would be the creator of the greatest rock world classic, absolute monster surviving time and generations, this «Smoke on the Water» composed after the fire that destroyed Montreux casino during a Franck Zappa concert.

While entertaining its legend with a tumultuous life and ego quarrels, especially between Ritchie Blackmore and Ian Gillan, thunderous breackups and magnificent reconciliations, the band nevertheless imprinted our collective memory and wrote some of the most beautiful pages of Rock History. As the last chapter seems to be approaching at the speed of a galloping riff, what a great renewed opportunity to see Ian Gillan and his fellows play in Guitare en Scène cauldron and watch them writing live a new epic paragraph of their fabulous musical adventure !
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