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Scène Chapiteau

In the eye of Guitare en Scène

Just for the love of the kind of music that can give birth to strong emotions, Albert Lee, considered by Eric Clapton himself as the ultimate virtuoso, leaves a delicate trace in music history, between virtuosity and simplicity, elegance and swiftness, freed from restrictions, playing music according to his heart and encounters, from rock and country to blues and jazz, everything to give us instant dreams and leave us with long-lasting wonderful memories. 

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How do you recognize a legend ?
To the fact that his peers see him as a myth ? No doubt about it, Albert Lee, with his combined rapidity, flawless technic and subtlety, has been for a long time now and for many of us one of the best guitar players in the world, one of whom you invite to play with you on scene or on LP as many did such as Eric Clapton who qualified him as « the ultimate virtuoso » and also Joe Cocker, Jerry Lee Lewis, Willie Nelson, Emmilou Harris, George Harrison, Jimmy Page, les Everly Brothers, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Morse, Steve Lukather... To the unique print he leaves on music as time goes by ? For the last 50 years, Albert Lee has never ceased to free himself from restrictions, playing music according to his heart and encounters from rock to country, blues to jazz, impressing each time his fellow musicians and audience always stunned by his skilful and unrivalled way of fingerpicking and playing. To a striking award winning carrier ? Hard to do better than Albert Lee who won 2 Grammy Awards and was elected five times best country guitarist by Guitar Player Magazine ! Or maybe to the fact that one never tries to become a legend in the first place ? Because, finally, Albert Lee embodies a perfect balance between virtuosity and simplicity, a fancy mix of rapidity and technics, giving birth to moving vibrations on his Fender Telecaster never mind him playing in the smallest clubs or in the biggest arenas, in support of the biggest stars or with his Hogan's Heroes or his Electric Band fellows, just for the love of high times on music. On the cusp of his 75th spring, his turn had logically come to enter Guitare en Scène "Hall of Fame" and to amaze us with his irresistible and unique country rock music.
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