General sale conditions


General sale conditions are those of the tickets organisms: WEEZEVENT - FNAC/FRANCE BILLET - TICKET CORNER

The purchase of a ticket implies full acceptance of the general terms and conditions.

Summary of the general terms and conditions :

Buy your tickets in the official sale point. Beware of counterfeits. The ticket must be presented in full to controllers and with a certified staff. Please kindly submit to the various controls carried out for your safety. The following items are prohibited: recorder, camera (photo), camera (video), glass bottle, can, alcohol and any object that could be dangerous.
Admission will be denied to anyone who does not comply with these provisions. You are warned that if a film is recorded or pictures are taken during the festival, you accept their use by the festival without being able to claim any rights or cancellation of said images. The tickets will be not returned or exchanged, unless postponement or cancellation of the show by the Organization. If the show is be discontinued beyond half its length, this ticket will not be refunded. The organizer may need to modify programs, distribution, time and place. These amendments or modifications will not incurs on exchanges or refunds. Resale of tickets at a higher price to public prices is strictly prohibited under penalty of criminal sanctions (law of 27 June 1919).

Any exit of the festival is final.
"Professional" cameras (reflex. ..) are not allowed on the site. Its deposit will be required before entering the festival.

Thank you for your understanding and GOOD FESTIVAL.


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