Wednesday July 19

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18h30 - PURPULSE (1er finaliste Tremplin 2017) - Scène Village
19h35 - JAM MASTERCLASS - Scène Village
20h45 - SCORPIONS - Scène Chapiteau
23h00 - POPA CHUBBY - Scène Village 

1er Finaliste Tremplin 2017)
Power Rock / France
Scène Village - 18h30


PurPulse c'est de l'énergie à l'état pur, une pulsion à s'approprier le rock sans oublier d'où il vient ! Sur scène, ce fougueux trio déménage comme s’ils étaient 10. Entre pop rock et réminiscence grunge, PurPulse fait rimer énergie et mélodie. LINE UP : Raphaël Delaunay : Guitare/Chœurs Jessy Parentaud : Batterie/Samples Kyrian Liberge : Chant/Basse

Scorpions Logo400

Hard-Rock / Allemagne 
Scène Chapiteau - 20h45

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 Germany's first international hard rock stars actually celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2012. Though in 1962, the Scorpions were obviously just a plaything for schoolboy guitarist Rudolf Schenker. The band debuted on record in 1971, with singer Klaus Meine in the lineup. These two gentlemen form the front duo of the Scorpions to this day. The band's perennial core trio was completed in 1979 with the arrival of solo guitarist Matthias Jabs, who capably took over from illustrious predecessors Michael Schenker and Uli Jon Roth. Matthias' arrival marked the beginning of the Scorpions' commercial heyday, packed with hits both hard ("No one like you", "Rock you like a hurricane") and soft ("Still loving you", "Wind of change"). To this day, the band keeps their position as one of the finest in melodic hard rock, and they have just entered a new era. Because the new drummer's name is Mikkey Dee (ex-Motörhead).

Blues / US 
Scène Village - 23h00

popa couleurs Cristina Arraganoni.BD

"Popa Plays Hendrix", Popa Chubby is back with a tribute to the legend and spirit of Jimi Hendrix. His appearance in the Jimi Hendrix festival in Holland in 1998 had aroused many requests from the public for a show entirely dedicated to the music of Jimi. The concert’s success that followed led to the recording of the triple album « Electric Chubbyland ». With "Popa Plays Hendrix", the New York City Blues King offers us his a power trio performance of Jimi's greatest hits and a few lesser-known titles ... EXPLOSIVE! 

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